Metropia theme song

Very happy to welcome Christian and Julia Ward, along with Eddie Dickerson, into Suite 2e to track a song that Christian wrote for the fantastic new traffic app Metropia.  Christian wrote an insanely catchy little ditty that perfectly captures the essence of what Metropia is all about.

Christian Metropia photo Eddie Metropia photo

2Wards in the studio this weekend!

Very excited to have the fabulous and talented Christian and Julia Ward (aka 2Wards Design) in the studio this weekend laying down tracks for the launch of the Metropia app.  Stay tuned for more details…….

Custom acoustic panels

Throughout this whole studio build, we have learned many, many things.  One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is how much money you can save by doing/building things yourself.  When it came time to install acoustic panels in the live room and control room, a quick search of pre-made panels had our heads spinning.  They are so expensive! Time to DIY.  For around $25, you can build a custom 2×4 panel that works just as well as commercial ones, for a fraction of the price.  It just takes a chunk of your time.  But the savings are worth it.  Also, good luck finding panels with fabric so stylish!

Here are a couple of pics of the control room panels as they are being built.





If you’d like to know more about how to make these, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll tell you how to do it yourself.  It’s not rocket science by any means.